Our Bark Control collars and devices use avoidance training, whereby your dog learns to avoid an unpleasant stimulus by choosing not to bark. They stop nuisance barking fast (usually within 1-5 days).

Traditional training methods generally do not work if no one is around to enforce the rules. However, bark control technology will work to keep the peace for you even when you are away from home or asleep.

All products come with comprehensive written and/or DVD instructions and Bark Control Australia will help with expert advice, if you have any problems or queries.

Our bark control products are suited to controlling nuisance barkers over 6 months of age. We do not recommend the use of any bark control device on puppies less than 6 months old.

Spray collars are microphone activated and direct a jet of citronella oil to your dog’s muzzle to interrupt unnecessary barking sessions. The surprising puff noise associated with the jet also helps to break the barking cycle.

Some clipping may be necessary for normal function on dogs with long coats.

If your spray collar does not stop nuisance barking within 10 days of receipt it can be returned for a refund less the cost of replacing the used battery, strap and citronella canister. 

Customer feedback indicates that spray collars work effectively for approxinmately 90% of dogs. They are definitely not as effective as the electronic pulse collars, however and electronic collars almost always succeed even if a spray collar has failed.

Static pulse (electronic) collars are activated by a vibration sensing probe that rests on the neck in the voice box area. They give a fleeting (approx. 1/40th. second) low energy (maximum level is approx. 1/4th. of carpet static), pulsing, static discharge that breaks the barking cycle. Wooly coated dogs may need a little clipping to ensure the probes are able to contact the skin.

The static passes across approximately 30mm. of skin and does not pass through your dog or its organs.

There are many models and you should consider the features of each before making your selection. Static pulse bark control collars are so effective (98% - virtually 100%, depending on model) they carry 30 day money back guarantees that they will stop nuisance barking. This also applies to nuisance howling and whining.  

Sonic collars are best suited to very sensitive (usually very small) dogs and puppies that are not long term, problem barkers. They do not work well in most other scenarios and you are advised to choose either a Spray or Static Pulse collar for best results, if your dog does not fit this profile.

Ultrasonic units work best inside your home where the inaudible (to humans) sound waves are reflected rather than dissipated as happens in the open. They are effective at stopping indoors dogs from barking too much at doorways, whining at night, etcetera. They are easily moved about the house so one unit can be used in multiple areas. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs may bark if they are suffering pain. While a bark control device could stop the barking, you should consult a Veterinarian before using bark control if you suspect your dog may have a medical problem.

Contented dogs are less likely to have barking problems than mentally under stimulated dogs. Exercise and play sessions help give your dog the mental stimulation it needs and allow your dog to exercise some of its natural instincts in a healthy way. 

We recommend that you give your dog things to do during time spent alone so it will lead a richer life. Whether you choose simple strategies, such as hiding your dog’s food or leaving it a bone, or buy some activity toys you will be helping your dog to be good and stay healthy.