Can someone explain what is going on?  Why on earth are councils and state governments considering legislation that allows for rangers to enter homes, remove barking dogs and then have them put down?  All this instead of making recommendations that allow for the use of appropriate bark collars to suit the particular dog and situation.

Unfortunately, there is a trend for some authorities to avoid recommending any type of correction collar, particularly electric bark collars, to those with barking dogs.  It's the politically correct approach. Now I know not everyone is in favour of the use of electric bark collars and that is fine, I respect everyone's point of view.  However if it is getting to the point where governments are considering legislation to remove and destroy dogs because they bark, is it not time to sit back and have a little rethink?

There are many people out there that will immediately think that most barking dogs are the subject of lazy owners who neglect their dogs.  I know there are those owners out there, and I agree they probably shouldn't own dogs and need to feel the full wrath of any council if it is proven that the negligence is contributing to the barking.  However, I can assure everyone the majority of dog owners that call us are upset that a complaint has come in and want to do the right thing to solve the problem.

However, what are they supposed to do if they have tried getting in a trainer, they have increased exercise, introduced visual barriers and tried a citronella collar...and the dog continues to bark?  Believe me these people contact us daily complaining of the wasted money spent on training, dog walkers and building fences.  Depending on what state or council you live in the next step may be the removal and destruction of your dog.

We need to understand that there are dogs out there, particularly your working breeds and high drive barkers that will still bark even after the measures above have been tried.  Surely as a last resort the introduction of a static electric bark collar is a better option than putting the dog down.  Why?  Because when the appropriate one is selected they work!  

I have had contact with officials from three states that have advised that this type of legislation has been seriously discussed.  Still think I might be making this up?  Check out this link:

Now I know there are some who condenm those who use and sell electric bark collars, but I can assure you that after 17 years in the police dog squad and working with dogs on a daily basis, I love dogs as much as anybody.  Surely, having councils recommending bark collars when all else has failed, or better still in the states where they are still illegal legislate for their use as a last resort, is a far better outcome than the destruction of a dog for barking.  Pity we can't ask the dog...