A New Little Dog Remote Trainer

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:29 March 2010 

Neil Smith

Of all the areas of deficiency in the whole electronic dog training business, none stands out more than the remote training collars for small dogs.  It's probably not hard to understand why when you consider that most users of these devices are owners of working dogs, hunting dogs or sporting dogs.  Obviously these dogs are usually a bit larger so electric remote trainers were often a little larger too! 

Of late, more and more dog owners are seeing the fast results obtained from using a remote training collar around the home.  The only problem has been if your dog was under 10kg.  The new Petsafe 'Venture Series' Little Dog Remote Trainer has now arrived and offers a lot of features that are usually seen on expensive high end remote trainers. Waterproof and rechargeable transmitter and collar, a range of up to 350metres and it's contoured collar now offer a quality electric collar option to those with dogs down to 5kg!

Check it out at in the remote training collar section.

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