Dog Training Collars - Price Drop!

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:17 April 2010 

Neil Smith

Innotek Australia have just announced  a significant reduction in the price of their dog training collar range.  When it comes to remote trainers, the Innotek range of remote trainers has always been a very reliable brand over the years.  However as a proffessional collar, I think it is safe to say that other brands such as SportDog and D T Systems have advanced past the features offered by Innotek collars. 

Now, that's not to say the Innotek ADV series of collars aren't still a very relaible remote training collar.  This price reduction has really brought a quality remote trainer into the budget for many household or sport training users.  For example we are now offering the Innotek ADV 300 for under $300.00.

There is a lot of cheap unrelaible dog training collars flooding the Australian Market at present.  Many of which do not meet with electronic compliance regulations.  Hopefully this price drop will encourage those looking for a reliable and safe remote trainer to stick with reputable brands.  The ADV series of remote training collars also comes with Innotek's 3 year warranty!

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