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Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:13 June 2012 

Neil Smith

After plenty of negaotiation with Dogtra and US suppliers, we now have the largest range of Dogtra Training Collars and Bark Collars available in Australia.  Dogtra has always had the reputation as one of the leaders in e collar manufacturing.  Being the leading training collar supplier in Australia it seemed obvious to add them to our range!

As part of adding Dogtra to our quality range of electronic dog collars, we have had compliance testing carried out, ensuring they meet Australian standards.  Also our complete Dogtra range goes out with Australian 240v power supplies.  No cheap and dangerous power adaptors!!

We have chosen a range of Dog Training Collars, including a quality pet trainer and a range of heavy duty working dog trainers especially designed for hunting enthusiasts.  The all new Dogtra Edge is the standout product in the range with a 1.6km range, expandable to 4 dogs (by adding extra collars at any time) and with locator lights built into the collar receivers making them ideal for night hunting.

We also carry both the Dogtra Bark Collars including the YS-300 for small to medium dogs and the YS-500 for larger stubborn barking dogs.  Both barking collars are fully waterproof and rechargeable!

We are now also able to service your Dogtra Collars right here at Bark Control, with Australia's most experienced Dogtra technician part of our team!  That's right, no more sending your collars back to the US.  Please call if you would like to discuss your Dogtra repairs with our head technician, Jason.

It is exciting times for Bark Control Australia, as we add exciting products to our ever expanding product lines.  Dogtra collars is just the start for 2012!!

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The Best Dogtra Collar for you...

14 June 2012
Hi Pete, Thanks for posting on our blog. If you want to stick with Dogtra I would probably suggest going for the Dogtra 300M. Dogtra does have an excellent Pet Dog training collar now as well (the IQ). However you mentioned your dog can be a bit stubborn so I would recommend the 300M as a good option with 700m+ of range which should be plenty for you. Here is a link: Please call if we van be of any further assistance.

Reliable Dogtra

14 June 2012
Hi Bark Control, Glad to hear that you have added Dogtra to your range. I have used them before (282 NCP) with my working dogs and they have been unbelievable. Tough and reliable. I currently have a German Shepherd, Raja - more of a pet than a working dog. I'd like to get some training done with him. I don't need a lot of range, but he can be quite strong willed at times. What would you recommend in Dogtra? Pete

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