Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:23 February 2011 

Neil Smith

$2000 Raised in our Flood Relief Appeal!!

We are happy to announce that our fund raising for the floods almost reached $2000.00.  So we whipped the hat around the office and got to the target $2000.00.

Today we have made payment to the "Lockyer Valley Flood Relief Appeal".

After considerable thought we decided to give the money to the area of Australia that was probably devastated more than any other.  This includes the towns of Grantham and Helidon where some of the television reports will remain entrenched in most our memories. 

The Lockyer Valley Flood Relief Appeal was one of the few appeals that guarantee not to take out any administration costs.  All money goes to the victims who either lost their homes or the ability to earn an income.  It was a priority for us that the money got to the people who needed it most.

Thank you once again for helping us with this worthy cause, and we hope our contribution helps in some small way!

We will now be running a similar appeal on our New Zealand site for the Christchurch Earthquake.

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