Lost Pets in Australia…the silent epidemic

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:15 September 2016 

Lost Pets in Australia…the silent epidemic


After a recent visit to the United States I came across some frightening statistics relating to pets that end up in shelters or pounds each year after becoming lost.  Unfortunately, in Australia the numbers are just as concerning…Whilst there is no one answer to solve this problem, we think we have found something that may help!


So just how big is this problem in Australia?  Now I don’t want to bore you with too many statistics, but I think it is important to know at least some of the numbers.  According to the national animal welfare charity, Petrescue1, in 2014 over 200,000 pets entered council pounds and shelters across Australia with more than half of these euthanized.  We know these figures are a lot higher as they don’t take into account all rescue organisations that exist in Australia and take in animals on a daily basis, often doing their best on shoestring budgets.


According to the RSPCA2, in 2014-2015 only 22% of dogs and cats that they received actually got returned to their original owners.

  Paw Prints ID - the smart tag for pet id that helps lost pets get found fast

So as a pet owner what is the answer to helping prevent your pet from becoming a lost pet statistic.  Proper fencing of your property, microchipping, animal containment systems, GPS tracking devices all provide a partial solution but are not full proof.   Kids leave gates open, microchip scanning cannot be accessed by someone who finds your pet and GPS pet trackers (are limited by battery life) have short battery lives.



The animal charity organisation Pets Australia3 also strongly encourages Two forms of ID as the best method to get your pet returned.


Earlier this year I came across a unique, new product gaining traction across the US and other parts of the world…PawPrintsID.  An ID tag worn by your pet that provides any person who comes across your pet with easy ways to contact you immediately. Text, email and even a Google map of the exact locationPaw Prints ID Pet Tag Map results the finder is contacting you from are sent to you within 30 seconds.


The PawPrintsID information system also holds your pet’s full medical history as well as any urgent information relating to allergies and urgent medications required, like insulin.  This is ideal if your pet is found after being hit by a car or in poor health.  If you travel with your pet and need to provide vital medical information to a vet on the road, PawPrintsID has the information for you right then and there.


So, I encourage you to take a look at the video below to see the full features of this unique product.  Or Pre-Order Now by 30 September and Save $10.00 (delivered Oct, 2016).  Click Here to visit the product page.


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