Mobile Website Up and Running!!

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:4 July 2012 

Neil Smith

Today we launched our new mobile website for Iphones and other smartphones.  Now you can buy a bark collar or other dog training collar whilst on the run!  Whilst very easy to use, as with most mobile shopping carts you do lose some information.  So remember always call one of our product and dog behaviour experts if you require any assistance.

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Easy to use

9 July 2012
I was being referred to your site by a friend. We accessed the site via my iPhone and it was great! Clear and easy to use. How do you think the PetSafe Little Dog Spray collar will go with Dolly, my maltese? She is 3 years old, and barks at anyone walking past the house, esecially when kids walk past after school. Dolly's only really started doing this in the last few months and I don't want to get the neighbours off side. Thank you Cath

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