NEW Help Centre assists with Bark Collars, Dog Fences and Dog Training Collars

Author: Damien Torti   Date Posted:29 August 2013 

Neil Smith

At first glance our range of Bark Collars, Electric Dog Fences and Dog Training Collars can be a little overwhelming, there is just so much to choose from. This is due to our commitment in having the right product to suit all manner of dogs, in all manner of scenerios. Further to this we are committed to assisting you in finding the right product for your dog, which is why we have developed our Help Centre.

The Help Centre has 3 main areas,

  • Bark Collars
  • Dog Fence and Containment System
  • Dog Training Collars
These areas cover topics like 'Why Your Dog is Barking', 'Bark Collars by Breed', How to Install Dog Fencing', Dog Fence Training', Choosing the Right Remote Trainer', and 'How to Use My Training Collar'.
Shortly we will be adding 'Product Reviews' in each area so you can find out more about individual products.

The Help Centre is designed to provide you with more detailed infomation for selecting and implementing the use of the do training products that we carry. This is a resource that we have put together to assist you. However, you are moore than welcome to still contact us by calling 1300 668 931, using our online chat feature or by emailing Please let us know what you think of the new Help Centre.

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