NOW AVAILABLE - DogWatch Hidden Fence

Author: Damien  

The Best Dog Fence in the World, Bar None! Now Available at Bark Control

We are proud to annouce that Bark Control has secured the Internet Retail Exclusivity of theDogWatch Hidden Fence - the world's best electric dog fence, bar none! DogWatch Hidden Fence. With a reputation second to none, the DogWatch Hidden Fence features the unique Patented Safelink FM digital signal which is far less prone to interference than other electric dog fences on the market.

The waterproof DogWatch dog fence collars have adjustable correction levels. There are fence collars available for dogs as small as 2kg, right through to your giant breeds. On top of this, these collars have incredible battery life, boasting the longest lasting collar battery on the market today.

In addition to all of this, the DogWatch system has a 2-Step surge and lightning protector as standard. This is based on the models used by Telstra for the protection of their phone lines.

For all the information, please read up on the world's best dog fence,

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