Remote Dog Training Collar Reviews.

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:5 January 2010 

Neil Smith

Well it's back to the pickle factory after the Xmas break!!  I hope it was a good one for you too.  It had come to my attention over the past few weeks, that many people were confused about the right remote dog training collar for their dog.  Obviously choosing the right training collar will depend on breed, temperament etc as is the case with bark collars for example.  However with remote control collars you need to consider what purposes it is being used for, effective range (distance from the remote to the collar) and other stimuli like tone and vibration for positive reinforcement.

I hope this hasn't caused any further confusion for you already!!  Hopefully the short reviews for remote training collars which I am starting today will go some way towards helping you choose the right remote dog training collar for you!!

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