Advantix Flea and Ticks 6pack Blue 25kg

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Advantix. The best defence for your dog.

Advantix is the easy way to give your pet nose to tail protection against an army of parasites and biting insects. Unlike other treatments Advantix gives your dog the best protection by repelling bugs before they even get the chance to bite, which not only avoids skin irritation but is the best defence against paralysis ticks. Advantix also offers the fastest defence against fleas, killing both fleas and larvae within minutes.

The only one with the power to repel and kill ticks.

Advantix is the only product proven to repel all of these ticks. The three most important types of ticks affecting your dog are the brown dog tick, the bush tick and the dangerous paralysis tick which can be fatal to dogs. Advantix acts as a barrier, its repellent qualities stop them from attaching to and biting your dog. Plus, 100% of the repelled ticks will then die.

Complete flea control - kills fleas and flea larvae – fast!

Advantix stops any flea infestation fast AND prevents future infestations. How does it do this?

• Advantix stops fleas feeding within 3-5 minutes1.
• Advantix has been shown to kill both adult and larval fleas within 20 minutes2 of contact, breaking the flea life cycle, so no reinfestations.
• Advantix kills fleas within 12 hours of the first application, 98-100%3 of the fleas on your dog will be dead.
• Because Advantix kills fleas before they even have a chance to bite it reduces the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) so your dog won’t suffer from painful flea bites.

How does Advantix work?

Advantix is specially formulated for your dog. It uses a patented combination of two proven active ingredients which work together to provide powerful protection from ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies and other biting flies, and lice.

Easy for you and your dog

Advantix is easy to use. Once applied to your dog’s skin it spreads rapidly over the outside of your dog. Advantix remains in the lipid layer of your dogs skin and is not absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream.

How do I use Advantix?

• To safeguard against paralysis tick: apply Advantix every 14 days.
• To control fleas, brown dog or bush ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies and other biting flies, or lice control - apply Advantix every month.
• Visit to register for our free treatment reminder service to ensure you give your dog the best continuous protection.

What if my dog gets wet?

Advantix remains effective following soap-free shampoo treatment, swimming or exposure to rain. Advantix can be applied to your dog after washing once the dog is dry.

How safe is Advantix?

Advantix is so gentle it's even safe in puppies over 7 weeks of age and also in pregnant and lactating bitches.

Can I use Advantix on my cat?

No. Advantix is specially formulated for dogs only. Due to their unique physiology and metabolism, Advantix must not be used on cats. You can use Advantix on a dog within a cat household providing you separate the animals for 12 hours after application of treatment, eg. overnight. Speak to your veterinarian about an appropriate product for your cat.


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