What is it?

Aussie Dog - Eightathong Tug

The Eightathong Tug Toy is a durable tug and retrieval toy. To use the Eightathong, two dogs (or you and your dog) get an equal hold and pull in opposite directions for an energetic game of tug of war. Used as a retrieval toy, the Eightathong Tug floats and the bright yellow fabric makes it easy to see.

Made from durable, 100% Non Toxic material that won't harbor germs, the Aussie Dog Eightathong Tug is designed to last.


The Aussie Dog Eightathong Tug toy comes in two sizes.

  • Medium:  Suits small to medium size dogs, 1-30kg
  • Large:  Suits medium to large size dogs, 10-50+kg
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  • Active play for one or more dogs
  • Strong and durable
  • Floats
  • Non-Toxic


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