Aussie Dog Tucker Ball

Aussie Dog Tucker Balls keep your dog entertained for hours by stimulating their natural senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. Place dry treats in the toy. As the ball rolls around, the treats will randomly dispense. No treats? No worries! The internal ball rattles as the ball rolls that entices your dog to keep pushing the ball around! Its bright yellow design is hard to miss, making it easy to find in yard grass and around the home. All Tucker Balls come with a 6-month warranty against destruction. Tucker Balls are available in 4 sizes. Refer to the sizing guide below to determine which size is best for your dog.


Aussie Dog Tucker Balls are available in 4 sizes suitable for tiny to large dogs. To determine which size is best for your dog, consider your dog's weight and jaw size and refer to the sizing guide below. As a safety precaution, do not purchase a ball that can completely fit inside your dog's mouth.

Tucker Ball Size Dimensions Suitable for dogs
Mini 8cm x 8cm x 8cm 1kg - 5kg
Small 10cm x 10cm x 10cm 5kg - 10kg
Medium 15cm x 15cm x 15cm 10kg - 30kg
Large 19cm x 19cm x 19cm 30kg - 50kg


  • Stimulates your dog's senses
  • Treat dispensing dog toy
  • Tough plastic
  • Internal rattle
  • 4 Sizes
  • Great for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Bright yellow colour
  • 6-Month Warranty on Tucker Ball sizes Mini, Small and Medium
  • 12-Month Warranty on Tucker Ball size Large

  • 1 x Aussie Dog Tucker Ball - Select size from the drop-down menu above



6 Month Warranty against destruction, not for normal wear and tear.

For more information about warranties on Aussie dog products, click here.