Bark Control Solar Snake Deterrent

The Bark Control Solar Snake Deterrent is an effective device for repelling unwanted snake life around your house, yard, farm, camping site or anywhere else you can set the device up effectively.  The snake deterrent can protect an area up to 650 square metres (circular area - 15m radius) by pairing intermittent sonic sound with multi-pulse vibration.  The snakes use sensors in their body to warn them of approaching threats. These sensors pick up the changing vibrations through the ground which cause the snake to think there is danger ahead and to avoid the area. 

To protect larger zones you can simply add more solar snake deterrents. Arrange them within 25-30m of each other to create a custom shaped barrier which matches your desired coverage area.  Differing earth can affect how well the vibrations travel and how far they will reach from the device itself.  Softer sandy ground will not disperse the vibrations as well as firm ground would, such as clay or packed soil.  Avoid areas prone to flooding or with waterlogged soil and try to stick to dense ground instead.

A rechargeable accumulator battery receives its power from a solar cell located on the top of the device.  After charging the battery in the sun it can power the unit for 24 hours a day and provide around the clock protection.  A few cloudy days here and there won't affect the function of the device, once charged it can power itself for approximately 3 days in overcast weather.  We recommend charging the unit in the sun for a couple of days prior to your first use.


  • 1 x Waterproof Solar Panel with 1.2v/800mah Ni-Cad Installed
  • 1 x Aluminium Vibration Ground Probe
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet