Dogtra E-Fence 150m Additional Boundary Kit

The additional boundary kit is available for properties/situations that need extra wire to cover a larger amount of area. Please view the sizing guide below to determine how many additional boundary kits you need for your block. 


Sizing Guide

Area of block (Acres) Length around block in metres Number of extra kits* Total Amount of wire
1 255m 1 300m
2 365m 2 450m
3 440m 2 450m
4 510m 3 600m
5 570m 3 600m
6 630m 4 750m
7 680m 4 750m
8 725m 4 750m
9 765m 5 900m
10 805m 5 900m

*This figure represents extra boundary kits on top of the 150m that is included with most containment systems. Check the wire included with the system that you are purchasing and make any necessary adjustments. If you are moving an existing system to another property and need to rewire the new property, add one extra kit to the total number.

  • 1 x 150m additional wire for the Dogtra E-Fence 3500
  • 50 x Training flags 
  • 1 x Scotchlok Joiner