DogWatch IB-100 Rechargeable Indoor Wireless Transmitter

The DogWatch IB-100 wireless transmitter emits a digital FM frequency in all directions around the unit.  The radio signal can be set to a radius from as little as 10cm, up to a maximum of 1.2m of signal in all directions around the unit.  For wide doorways you may need the full signal capacity, whereas for a narrow staircase you may only need half of the available width, simply adjust the signal to match your situation.  

The transmitter will activate any DogWatch Hidden Fence Collar Receiver, beginning with a warning tone which your dog will be trained to respond to, and then delivering a mild static stimulation to deter the animal from the field you have set up.  

If set up in an area with access to power, you can run the unit from mains supply and don't have to worry about battery life at all.  If the designated avoidance area does not have access to power, simply charge the portable transmitter for 2 hours, which will provide up to 30 days of use when set to a low pulse rate.  Simply place the IB-100 in the area you want your animals to avoid and adjust the signal width to suit the area you wish to keep pet free.  

** Please note: You will require a DogWatch Hidden Fence Receiver Collar for this system to function.