Hand Made Closed Leather Muzzle / German Shepherd male - JK91734G

Closed light weight muzzle made of 4mm Cow leather. Perfect for protection against accidents but designed to allow airflow to keep the dog cool. Ideal for the basic needs of a dog. Suitable for working, service and pet dogs.

To choose the perfect muzzle for your dog you will need to measure your dog in the following areas: Circumference around the snout while the mouth is open (dog panting).
Measure the length and height of the nose. (Ensure sure you are measuring from the tip of the nose.) If you add 1cm to these measurements you will get the correct size and most comfortable muzzle for your dog.

  • Nose Length:                  10 cm
  • Nose Height:                   11 cm
  • Nose Circumference:    35  cm




1 X Leather Muzzle