HoundHouse Heat Pad

When the temperature drops during the cooler months, it's our responsibility to ensure our dogs have a comfortable place to sleep. The HoundHouse Heat Pad continuously regulates warmth at 32 degrees Celcius keeping your dog's sleeping area warm and cosy. The heat pad is 41 centimetres by 36 centimetres and we recommend securing it to your dog's HoundHouse using the attached strings, or placing it under their favourite bedding for maximum insulation. The temperature is theromstatically controlled and reaches maximum temperature in just 5 minutes. It will feel slightly warm to touch.

The heat pad requires access to a powerpoint. Ensure that any pets and children can not reach any electrical cords.

HoundHouse Heat Pad Dimensions: 41cm x 36cm
Only available in green


  • Keeps your pet warm in cold weather
  • Made from a strong, marine-grade canvas
  • Suitable for use in your pet's HoundHouse
  • Suitable for use under regular pet bedding areas
  • Heats up to 32 degrees in just 5 minutes
  • Theromastically controlled for you and your pet's safety
  • Features ties to secure the heat pad in place
  • Set up is easy - plug it in!

  • Ensure that the power cord is out of reach from your dog to prevent chewing
  • Owners are fully responsible for their pets' behaviour

  • 1 x HoundHouse Heat Pad
    • Includes 1.5m cord with 12V Power Pack