K-9 Kannon

The K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher puts a great twist on the classic game of fetch that your family and dog will enjoy!! 

Hands free loading means the days of handling the slobber ball have come to an end. The spare ball holder next to the trigger keeps the game going even if you manage to lose the ball in all of the excitement of hunting down your best mate at the park.

With your K-9 Kannon you can shoot the ball up to 22m away by simply loading the ball, pulling back the handle and pulling the trigger. Anyone can use it as it is suitable for all ages!!


Suitable for small to large dogs that enjoy the game of fetch.

To load the tennis ball:

  • Charge the ram
  • Drop the ball into the barrel or use the hands-free loading by placing the barrel over the ball
  • Pull back the handle to cock the kannon
  • Hold the K-9 Kannon at chest height and pull the trigger!  

  • Easy and Fun to use for the whole family
  • No more wet slobbery balls
  • Uses a standard size tennis ball
  • Great for people that have trouble throwing tennis balls due to injury.

  • We do recommend supervising your children when using the Kannon to avoid any unwanted injuries




  • Fires up to 22m
  • Made out of a heavy duty plastic
  • Suitable for small to large dogs

  • K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher
  • 1 x Tennis Ball