Julius K9 Jogging Leash

The Julius K9 Jogging Leash is designed for use with the Julius K9 Jogging Belt. The Jogging Belt & Leash combo provides you with a convenient, hands-free walk with your dog. The leash is made from strong nylon, synthetic leather and heavy-duty buckles. It also features a bungee cord made from strong, compact elastic and heavy-duty buckles that clip to your Jogging Belt. A handle is placed in front of the bungee section and provides you with non-stretching, direct control of your dog. suitable for professional training or everyday use.

Feel free to have a look at the Julius K9 Quick Release Clip! Great safety measure and allows you to release your dog without hassle.

Available in 2 sizes. Suitable for all dogs.

Before purchasing the Julius K9 Jogging Leash, please ensure which lead is right for you. Sizing guide below.

Size 1 - Suitable for dogs 15 - 25kg

Size 2 - Suitable for dogs 25kg and over

  • Clips perfectly into your jogging belt
  • Allows you to enjoy a convenient, hands-free walk
  • Features a bungee section that prevents jagged movements during walking or jogging
  • Has a handle in front of the elastic section for direct control of your dog
  • Available in 2 sizes

  • 1 x Julius K9 Jogging Leash (select size above)