Paw Prints ID

A Smart Tag that 'Helps Lost Pets Get Found Fast!'

  • Revolutionary tag to get your lost pet found fast
  • Stores pet medical records for any emergency
  • ONE OFF PAYMENT...No ongoing fees!

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The PawPrintsID is the revolutionary smart tag that helps your lost pet get found fast - anytime and anywhere. With three easy ways for someone who finds your pet to contact you instantly, PawPrintsID compliments many traditional pet location products.
The other major feature of PawPrintsID relates to its ability to store all your pet's important information including medical records, allergies or urgent medication requirements, like insulin.  You personally enter all the data you think may be important to help your pet in an emergency.   
Simply register your tag once it arrives, fill in the details, attach the smart tag to your pet - and you're set!


Three easy ways for someone who finds your pet to contact you... 
1. QR (Quick Response) Code

A unique QR Code is printed on the tag for easy access.  Your pet's finder simply scans the QR code and a text and email is sent to you within 30 seconds!  The email will also contain a Google map of the exact location the tag was scanned.

2. Website

Alternatively, if someone finds your pet and doesn't have a smartphone, a 7 digit ID number is printed underneath the QR code and can be entered into the PawPrintsID website.  The finder then can access your preferred contact method and contact you directly.

3. 24 Hour Contact Centre

Paw Prints ID has 24/7 support over the phone and the number is clearly visible on the PawPrintsID tag.  The finder of your pet contacts the call centre and the operator gathers all the information which is passed on to the pet owner by text and email instantly.

A complete health and medical information system at your fingertips...

Once you have entered all your pets important medical and health information it can be accessible to any person who finds your pet. Imagine your pet has been hit by a car and needs urgent veterinary care.  All drug allergies or previous medical conditions can be at an emergency veterinarians fingertips. If you travel with your pet and need urgent vet care, all your pets details are right there with you. 

Unlike a microchip you have the ability to change details in your pets profile anytime you want.  Upload the PDF report of your last vet visit including Xrays!  Are you going away? Change the emergency contact details to your pet carer and change it back to yourself upon returning home. Even enter vet vaccination and worming dates and receive reminders by phone or text. 


  • Easy to use system for someone finding your pet
  • 3 methods to contact you the owner
  • Circumvent council pounds (and fines)
  • Enter as much or as little information as YOU choose into the system anytime
  • Pet info, contact details and pet emergency medical records avaliable
  • Suitable for cats and dogs or any other pet large enough to wear the tag
  • No need for a microchip scanner
  • Light, durable & waterproof ID tag
  • 24/7 Emergency call centre in Australia
  • ONE OFF PAYMENT...No ongoing fee!

  • The PawPrintsID is designed to make finding your pet as easy as possible for the person who finds your pet.
  • Compliments other products like microchipping and dog containment systems.  Does not stop your pet escaping but provides the best chance of your pets return if it does!


  • 1 x Paw Prints ID Tag
  • 1 x Leaflet with Paw Prints ID set up and registration instructions

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