Extra Collar Receiver (R12 or R12m) for DogWatch Fence Systems

Add as many extra collars as you like! The DogWatch R12 and R12m receivers are recommended for dogs of all sizes with a mild temperament. Simply select the appropriate collar size from the drop-down box above and adjust the quantity to your needs and add to cart.

The R12 and R12m collars have 4 levels of correction. If your dog has a very timid or very stubborn temperament, we recommend the R9 DogWatch Receiver Collar. The R9 receiver collar features 7 levels of correction that can be adjusted from a very low correction strength for timid dogs, to a very high correction strength for stubborn dogs.

Compatible with all DogWatch Fence Systems including the following:

Please call on 1300 668 931 if you are unsure of which collar your require.


Please note: If your dog is particularly timid or stubborn, we recommend the DogWatch R9 Receiver Collar

Tiny (R12m receiver) - Suitable for dogs 2-5kg

Small (R12m receiver) - Suitable for dogs 5-12kg

Medium (R12 receiver) - Suitable for dogs 12-22kg

Large (R12 receiver) - Suitable for dogs 22-45kg

Extra Large (R12 receiver) - Suitable for dogs 45kg+


Which battery do I need?

If you order the Extra Small or Small collar (R12m), you will need the 3V Battery.

If you order the Medium, Large or Extra Large collar (R12), you will need the 3.6V Battery.


  • Keeps your dog safely contained
  • Compatible with the DogWatch containment fence systems
  • Available in sizes to fit all dogs
  • Recommended for dogs with a mild temperament
  • 4 Levels of correction

  • We recommend this collar for dogs with a mild to medium temperament
  • If you have a dog with a very timid or stubborn temperament, we recommend the R9 DogWatch Receiver Collar

  • 1 x DogWatch R12/R12m Receiver Collar
  • 1 x Collar Strap (select size above)
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Set of Standard Probes