Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover

Protect your car seats from dust, hair, and dirt. The Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover fits all vehicles and is made of quilted micro-suede fabric for your dog's comfort and warmth. Use the bench seat cover for short trips and long road trips with your dog. The Bench Seat Cover has a SmartFit design that features seat belt slits, seat belt keepers, a non-slip backing, seat anchors and elasticised panels to ensure a secure fit for long periods of time. Machine washable for easy cleaning. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. For extra protection, click here to view Solvit's Waterproof Bench Seat Cover.



  • Genuine Solvit Bench Seat Cover
  • Luxurious, quilted micro-suede material
  • Protects your cat seats from hair, dirt and your pet's claws
  • Adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Treated with Stain-Blok 
  • SmartFit system
    • Seat belt slits
    • Elasticised panels
    • Seat anchors
    • Seatbelt keepers
    • Non-slip backing

  • 1 x Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover