Solvit Lifting Aid - Rear Only

Senior dogs, injured dogs, and dogs recovering from injuries, particularly in their back legs, need additional support for day to day activities. The Rear Only lifting aid allows you to safely assist your dog's lower body during walks, rehabilitation and guiding them into vehicles. The rear-only lifting aid is available in two sizes - suitable for medium to large dogs. 

The body and hip straps feature soft, breathable mesh padding that fits around your dog's body, providing comfort and prevents chafing. The handle on the lifting aid allows you to lift your dog with ease.


Before purchasing the lifting aid rear only harness, it's important to measure your dog correctly to determine which size is best for your dog. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the distance around your dog's waist area in centimeters (as seen in the diagram) and refer to the sizing chart below to find the correct size. The lifting aid is suitable for male and female dogs.

Dog harness size Waist Circumference Dog Weight
Medium 48cm - 79cm 16kg - 32kg
Large 68cm - 94cm 32kg - 59kg


  • Provides safe support for senior, injured or recovering dogs
  • Convenient for assisting your dog into vehicles, walking up stairs, going to the bathroom and rehabilitation
  • Available in 2 sizes - suitable for medium to large dogs
  • No awkward lifting - handle on the harness for easy lifting
  • Thick, breathable padding on the straps for your dog's comfort


  • 1 x Solvit Lifting Aid