SportDog TEK 1.0 Pig Hunters Protector Pack - For Tracking Only Unit

Reinforced Unit Guard, Heat-Shrink Antenna Protection

  • A Must for Pig Hunters!
  • Super Strong Plastic Construction...Absorbs Shock!

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Pig Hunters Protector Pack - The Ultimate in Protection for your SportDog TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking System

'Designed by Pig Hunters for Pig Hunters'

The Pig Hunters Protector Pack includes a Reinforced Shock-Proof GPS Unit Guard manufactured from non-metallic, glass-infused plactic which eliminates signal interference and protects your valuable tracking collar from any shock caused by wayward tusks. 

Collar covers manufactured from metals can interfere with your collar signal, which is a pain while out on a hunt. They can also end up causing more damage rather than protecting your unit. The shock is passed straight through the metal casing to your GPS Tracking Collar Transmitter which can damage the unit. Our glass-infused plastic cover absorbs shock damage and ensures your GPS Tracking Unit is protected while your dogs are working.

Added heat-shrink protection to secure the antenna to the collar strap will protect against antenna damage. Pair this with your Unit Guard and you're GPS Tracking System is ready for hunting!

 ** Please Note:  The Pig Hunters Protector Pack is only available for the SportDog TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking Only Unit **


  • Durable Glass-Infused Plastic Casing
  • Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Antenna Protection
  • Designed for Pig Hunters!

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