The Original Rescue Swag - Canine / Human

Top Quality First Aid Supplies for You and your Dog!

  • First Aid for You and your Dog!
  • Sling, Splint, Compression Device or Water Bag!

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The Original Rescue Swag - Canine / Human

The Original Rescue Swag for Canines and Humans is a specially designed first aid pack that contains emergency first aid supplies for humans and also includes a first aid pack specifically for your dog.  What sets this first aid pack apart from the others is the 'Swag' itself.  The first aid packs are sealed in a high quality swag that can be attached to any saddle, bike, backpack, ute, 4 wheeler or anything you want to attach it to really! Clip it on and forget about it until you need it. The water resistant swag is manufactured using tough 12oz canvas that will withstand the knocks and bumps of an adventurous, travelling lifestyle in the harsh environment we live in.

Inside the pack you will find two first aid packs for human needs and a pack designed for your dog. This Human / Canine kit has been created to cater specifically to hunting and mustering/working dogs but is also perfect for the companion dog that travels with the family. These packs include high quality first aid equipment and supplies from Brenniston and can be topped up with your own choice of gear or you can replace each specific kits themselves. 

Carrying your medical supplies isn't the only thing your Rescue Swag is made for.  You can also use it as a Sling, Splint, Compression Device or even as a Water Bag!


  • First Aid Supplies for both Humans and Dogs
  • Made from Tough 12oz Canvas
  • Doubles as a sling, splint, compression device and water bag
  • Attach to anything, take anywhere!

Pack 1 for Humans (Q68HP1):

Emergency Instructions 1
Bandage Confirming Elastic Gauze 5 cm 1
Bandage Crepe Heavy Elastic 10cm x 1.8 -4m 1
Bandage Crepe Hospital 7.5cmx1.5 -4m 1
Bandage Triangular Disp 110 x 110 1
Safety Pins 5
Dressing Wound No. 13 small 1
Dressing Wound No. 14 medium 1
Dressing Wound No. 15 large 1
Burnaid Gel Single Use Sachet 3.5g 1
Swab Antiseptic Cetrimide 1
Swab Alcohol 2
Water Liner 1

Pack 2 for Humans (Q68HP2):

Glove Nitrile Disp Blue NoPowder Lge 2 pairs
Scissors Blunt Nickel Plated 10 cm 1
Forceps Nickel Plated 7cm 1
Dressing Plastic Latex Free Fastaid 50
Tape paper hypoallergenic 1.25cm x 9 m 1
Dressing Non adherent 7.5 x 7.5cm 1
Dressing Non adherent 10cm x 10cm 1
Eye Pad Sterile Oval 1
Eyewash Saline Ampoules (10 x 15ml) 1
Dressing Combine Pad 10cm x 10cm 1
Bag Press Seal 50mm x 205mm 3
First Aid Pencil & Note Book 1
Blanket Thermal 1
Resuscitation Face Shield Disposable 1
Splinter Probes 5
Torch 1

Canine Pack (Q15CPN):

Disposable Skin Stapler 1
Gauze Swabs Sterile 10 x 10 cm 4
10 cm Elastic Conforming Gauze Bandage 1
Coflex Bandage 1
Syringe  1
Electrolyte - Lectade Sachet 1

Warranty / Guarantee

  • 12 Month Workmanship Warranty

  • 12 Month Workmanship Warranty