The Original Rescue Swag - Outback

The Original Rescue Swag for the Outback is a comprehensive first aid supplies kit that has been specifically designed to treat injuries and accidents incurred while enjoying the harsh landscape we live in.  The 'Swag' is a tough outer covering made from quality 12oz canvas to protect your medical supplies from the elements and can be rolled up and attached to the ute, saddle, dirt bike, tractor - anything really!  With the swag being so portable it isn't just made for the outback travellers either, it is an essential item to provide peace of mind for anyone who enjoys the Aussie outdoors. Whether it be fishing, camping, hunting or even working on remote job sites - the Rescue Swag will have you covered.

Inside the swag you will find 3 separately sealed medical supplies bags which contain common first aid equipment and instructions to treat minor injuries such as small cuts and abrasions up to major incidents such as snake bites.  You can replace used items yourself or purchase full replacement kits as well.  Remove these bags from the Rescue Swag and the swag itself doubles as a Sling, Splint, Compression Device and Water Bag.  Having such a versatile piece of equipment with you on your travels will ensure you are prepared for any incidents that may occur while enjoying our great country.

  • Comprehensive First Aid for The Aussie Outback
  • Swag Made from Tough 12oz Canvas
  • Doubles as a sling, splint, compression device and water bag
  • Attach to anything, take anywhere!

Pack 1 for Snake Bite and Burns:

Snake Bite Information Sheet 1
Heavy Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4m 1
Heavy Conforming Bandage 15cm x 4m  1
Crepe Bandage 10cm x 4m 1
Burns & Scalds Information Sheet 1
Low Adherent Pad 7.5cm x 5cm 1
Low Adherent Pad 10cm x 7.5cm 1
BurnAid Burn Gel 3.5g 5
BurnAid Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm 1
Burns Sheet 75cm x 75cm 1

Pack 2 for Minor Accidents:

Minor Accidents Item Sheet 1
Tweezers 1
Splinter Probes 5
Povidone Iodine Swabs 10
Alcohol Swabs 10
Low-Adherent Cushioned Eye Pad 2
Low-Adherent Pad 7.5cm x 5cm 1
Low-Adherent Pad 10cm x 7.5cm 1
Gauze Swabs (3 Pieces) 3
Conforming Gauze Bandage 1
Fabric Plasters 50
Instant Ice Pack  1
Saline 15ml 5
Butterfly Closure Strips 10
Torch 1
Paper Tape 1
Eye Wash Bath 1
Rash Relief Cream Sachets 1g 5
Antiseptic Cream Sachets 1g 5

Pack 3 for Major Accidents:

Major Accidents Item Sheet 1
First Aid Pamphlet 1
Incident Report Notebook & Pen 1
Amputated Parts Bag 1
Combine Dressing 10cm x 20cm 1
Combine Dressing 20cm x 20cm 1
Triangular Bandage 1
Thermal Emergency Blanket 1
Medium Wound Dressing 1
Small Wound Dressing 1
Large Nitrile Latex Free Gloves (pair) 2
Resuscitation Face Shield Disposable 1
Safety Pins 12
Steel Scissors  1


  • 12 Month Workmanship Warranty