The Ultimate Dog Travel Pack

Travelling with your dog has just gotten a whole lot more convenient! Our Ultimate Dog Travel Pack is specifically dedicated to ensuring that you and your dog are comfortable, safe and happy during road trips - no matter how short or long the drive is. The travel pack comes with an IDC Powerharness, a K9 Cruiser Anti-Spill Waterbowl for the car or Ute, and your choice between a Car Safety Seatbelt Adapter or a Heavy Duty Ute Lead. Whether you travel in a car or Ute, keep your dog hydrated, safe and restrained while you drive.

The IDC Powerharness by Julius K9 is great for everyday use and is built to last. Manufactured with extremely strong materials and heavy duty buckles, the harness is designed to fit perfectly around your dog's body to ensure that you have full control over your dog while they are safely supported during travel, walking or running. This incredible harness is available in 6 sizes and 6 colours - please ensure to measure your dog correctly in order to prevent injury or unnecessary strain. Please choose your required size and preferred colour above.

Prevent driver distraction by securing your dog safely in your car or Ute with our high quality Seatbelt Adapter or Ute Lead.

The car safety seatbelt adapter by Julius K9 is a simple seatbelt buckle lead that secures your dog safely in your car during travel. Suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Alternatively, our heavy duty lead is another option for dogs that travel in the back of Utes. Please Note* Due to sizing, the Ute lead is only available with IDC Powerharnesses size 0 and up. If you select the mini or the mini-mini, you will automatically receive a car safety seatbelt adaptor.

Hydration is vital for the longer trips. The K9 Cruiser Anti-Spill Water Bowl is designed to hold up to 2.5 Litres of water without spilling during transit. The bowl is suitable for the car, Ute or caravan and is made with food grade UV resistant plastic. For instructions on how to fill your K9 Cruiser Bowl, click here for an easy to follow guide.

IDC Powerharness

For more information about the Innovative IDC powerharness Click here.

Car Safety Adapter

For more information about the Car Safety Adapter Click here.

Heavy Duty Ute Lead

For more information about the Heavy Duty Ute Lead Click here.

K9 Cruiser Bowl

For more information about the K9 Cruiser Anti-Spill Bowl Click here. ** Green Cruiser Bowl temporarily out of stock. Red,Blue and Purple available! **


IDC Powerharness Sizing

Dog harness size Chest circumference Weight of the dog
Mini-mini 40 - 53 cm 4 - 7 kg
Mini 49 - 67 cm 7 - 15 kg
0 58 - 76 cm 14 - 25 kg
1 63 - 85 cm 23 - 30 kg
2 71 - 96 cm 28 - 40 kg
3 82 - 115 cm 40 - 70 kg
4 96 - 138 cm 70 - 90kg



Taking your Dog's Measurements Correctly

Beofre purchasing a Julius K9 IDC Powerharness, it is important to know which size is right for your dog. To measure your dog accurately, place four fingers behind your dog's front legs and measure the circumference of their chest with a tape measure. 

Correct Fitting

When the harness is fitted properly, you will easily be able to slide your fingers between your dog's harness and their back. A correctly fitted harness will help prevent discomfort, chafing and injury to your dog during everyday use.

  • The perfect travel pack essentials for short and long road trips
  • Devoted to safety, comfort and hydration
  • Allows you to remain focused on the road without distraction from your dog
  • IDC Powerharness is perfect for everyday use as well as securing your dog safely during travel
  • Harness, Seatbelt Adapter and Ute Lead are manufactured with High Quality European Materials
  • K9 Cruiser Anti-Spill Bowl is manufactured with High Quality Australian Materials
  • IDC Powerharness available in 7 colours and 6 sizes - suitable for all dogs
  • Leading Brands - Julius K9 and Cruiser Bowl

  • Please ensure to measure your dog accurately before selecting an IDC Powerharness size - not doing so may result in improper fitting, injuries and strain
  • Please note that some differences exist between the IDC Powerharness range - these variations can be found here


Julius K9 Measuring and Fitting Guide