The Tick Key

The Tick Key is a small flat device that helps you completely remove ticks. The Tick Key works by using forward leverage to remote the whole tick, head and all, without you having to touch the parasite. Removing a tick with your fingers or tweezers can risk crushing the tick and forcing infective fluids from the tick into the host, you want to avoid having the tick or any of it's fluids contact your skin at any time.

The anodized aluminium Tick Key is strong, small and virtually flat, allowing you to store the Tick Key in your wallet, on your keyring or on your dog's lead. Keep the Tick Key handy for quick, prompt tick removal.


To use the Tick Key, simply:

1. Place the key over the tick in the tear-drop hole.
2. Slide the tick into the specially tapered slot.
3. Pull key away from skin. Tick is removed, head and all. Disinfect Tick Key after each use.



  • Easy to use
  • Removes the whole tick
  • Tough anodized aluminium construction