Replacement Carbon Filters for the Torus Water Bowl

Keep your pet's water freshly filtered! The replacement carbon filters come in a pack of 5 and last approximately 5 months.

Instructions for replacing the water filter:

  1. Align the cap arrow with the tap symbol and lift to remove.
  2. Remove the old filter and dispose of.
  3. Hold the new replacement filter under running water for 10 seconds to remove any excess carbon dust.
  4. Place the replacement filter in the Torus bowl.
  5. Refill the bowl with water.
  6. Align the cap arrow with the tap symbol and insert the cap back into place. Rotate the arrow to the tap or lock symbol.


  • Filters your pet's drinking water
  • Each pack lasts approximately 5 months (5 pack)
  • Designed for use with the Torus Pet Water Bowls

  • 5 x Replacement carbon filters