Torus Water Bowl - Smart Thinking for Pet Drinking!

Keeping your pet properly hydrated with clean water is essential for their health and well-being, thankfully the Torus bowl makes things easier when it comes to making sure your pet's water is free from dirt, hair and bugs! Keep the Torus bowl at home or take it with you on the road. The travel-friendly water bowl stores up to 2 Litres of water in the walls. When the water level gets low, the bowl automatically dispenses fresh, filtered water into the main drinking area. 

The carbon filters placed in the Torus bowls remove nitrates from your pet's water - you'll even notice that those burn patches on your lawn will slowly appear less! These filters ensure your pet is drinking the freshest, cleanest water. Remember - A healthy pet is a happy pet!

The Torus bowl is made in New Zealand from food grade materials and is available in 4 great colours! - Blue, Charcoal, Pink and Red. The bowl also comes with a 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty.


The Torus Water Bowl stores water in the walls and keeps the water at a low level (approximately 3.5cm). As the water level decreases, the bowl automatically dispenses the filtered water into the main drinking area. No power or batteries required!


  1. Place the carbon filter into the hollow slot at the back of the Torus Bowl.
  2. Fill up the bowl with 2 Litres of water through the slot
  3. Place the cap on the bowl


Lock Symbol: Locks the water in the walls.

Water Droplet Symbol: Allows the water to dispense into the main drinking area.


  • Stores up to 2 Litres of water in the walls
  • Automatically refills when the water level drops
  • Carbon filter removes nitrates and impurities from your pet's water
  • No batteries or power required
  • Can be locked to prevent spilling during travel
  • Available in 4 different colours
  • Multi-award winning pet product

  • 1 x Torus Water Bowl - Select colour from drop down box above
    • Bowl Diameter - 28cm
    • Drinking Area Diameter - 15cm
    • Drinking Area Depth - 9cm