A Warning To All Australian Shoppers

Not All Bark Controls are Created Equal!! A warning to Australian shoppers. Buying from O/S can have it's pitfalls! It's more frustrating when a websites implies they are Aussie...when they are not. We are the only Aussie Bark Control!!

Other foreign companies are advertising under the name “BARK CONTROL” with the preface of being “Aussie”. Be warned, this internet advertiser is not related to our organisation, BARK CONTROL AUSTRALIA, nor are they Australian.

We regularly receive complaint/warranty enquiries from persons who purchase from them. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for warranties or refunds from any other business.

Whilst buying from overseas may save you a few dollars, there are risks:

  • Is the company there for the long term, or do they reappear after a short time under a different name, not acknowledging older customers.
  • If your product is faulty or breaks down you could be without it for several weeks.
  • The cost of sending the product O/S can be very high.
  • Many international companies have limited contact details. Including not offering a phone number.
  • Buy Securely from an Australian Owned and Operated Business!

Buy Securely from an Australian Owned and Operated Business!

All Our Products are purchased from Authorised Australian Distributors and backed by REAL warranties!

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