Loose Leash Walking Using a Remote Dog Training Collar

See how easy it can be to get a pulling dog to walk beside you! Ever walk down the street and stare in awe at that well behaved dog walking proudly beside it's owner. Meanwhile you are having your arm wrenched from its socket as your dog drags you from every post and other dog and back again...If this is you you need

Loose Leash Walking Using a Remote Dog Training Collar

Recently, we asked our customers to volunteer their dog to appear in a video.  What we were looking for was a dog that was a bad walker, meaning, it pulled their owners around the neighbourhood, generally making the whole thing a fairly unpleasant experience.

In the video below you will meet 'Donny' a small dachshund that can certainly get up a head of steam!  Using a remote dog training collar we had Donny walking perfectly in no time.    

Now, for me this is not unusual to see a dog pick up loose lead walking so quickly using a remote dog training collar and as you can see he shows no discomfort or distress despite what some may try and say about their use.  Used correctly they are an extremely effective tool to master this essential task.  In my opinion it is far more inhumane to stop walking a dog because you hate doing it.  I am sure there are many dog owners out there that this applies to.

Be sure to understand that Donny has a way to go with his walking.  He is very badly behaved when it comes to other dogs and other distractions according to his owners.  In all areas of dog training we start with the basics and increase the difficulty level as the dog learns.  This applies to all forms of training whether using a remote training collar or not.  You wouldn't teach a child advanced algebra before they learn basic addition...right?  Same applies for Donny!

I did cop some friendly criticism about why I chose a small dog to do this.  No...I didn't wimp out!  What I wanted to do is show that this type of training is equally effective with a small pet dog as it is with a larger dog that is more associated with using remote training collars.  For the doubters though check out our pilot video below with my 42kg dog 'Bear'.  Trained with a dog training collar as well, these types of results can be achieved within a couple of weeks.

If you would like to walk your dog like this, call us now!

Stay tuned for more videos!