Innotek SD-2100 Electric Dog Fence Review

The Ever Popular Innotek Rechargeable Dog Fencing System Innotek as a brand has been around for some time now. This is perhaps their best effort when it comes to an electric dog fence. For pet dogs it has the lot!

Innotek Rechargeable SD-2100 Dog Fence Review

In terms of a successful electric dog fence, the Innotek Rechargeable SD-2100 has earned its place. You would be hard pressed to find anything that gives as good value for money for pet dogs. Here is why:

The Basics:
This electric dog fence has a number of features that give it a great edge of some other models. The Innotek SD-2100 has the ability to be adjusted to Low, Medium or High to suit your dog's temperament. The collar is waterproof which is great if your dog loves water. The collar is also rechargeable, meaning that there is no on-going costs with batteries. The transmitter is easy to use and has the option of battery back-up for those in areas prone to power failure.
How It Works:
At the heart of the Innotek Rechargeable Dog Fencing System SD-2100 is its transmitter. The transmitter plugs into a normal powerpoint and needs to be out of the weather. From here you can adjust the correction setting (Low, Medium or High) and the boundary width field amongst other things. The transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire loop and back again. This way the transmitter is aware if there is ever a break in the wire loop. The transmitter also has the option of 8 x AA Batteries being installed as back-up in case of power failure.
The Innotek SD-2100 dog fence collar is worn by the dog. As the dog approaches the boundary, they will enter the radio field being transmitted through the wire.  When your dog first enters the radio field the collar will give off a warning tone, which is your dog's signal to back off into the safety of the yard. Should your dog progress further into the radio field, it will receive a static correction. The collar is waterproof and will hold its charge for approximately a month. It is charged by simply sitting on top of the transmitter.
The Innotek Rechargeable Dog Fence SD-2100 comes with the transmitter, 1 collar, 150m of wire, 50 training flags and 2 wire joiners. Which is enough to cover most suburban blocks, if you are covering a larger area you will need Boundary Kits which will include 150m of wire, 50 training flags and 2 wire joiners - and this dog containment system can cover up to 25 acres.
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collar, no ongoing expense with batteries
  • Adjustable Correction Level, allowing you to set the system to Low, Medium or High to suit your dog's temperament
  • The system can cover up to 25 acres, although additional wire will be required
  • Battery Back-Up Option, to keep the system running during a power failure. The 8 x AA batteries can keep the system running for up to 48 hours.
  • Collar Recharge Reminder is where the transmitter sounds a monthly alert for the collar to be recharged.
  • Only one collar can be recharged at a time.
  • No high end correction levels for working or really stubborn dogs.
  • Whatever the Correction Level is set to will be the level for all dogs wearing a collar. 
This is one of the most popular electric dog fences available and this dog containment system represents great value for money, we consider it one of the most reliable, easy to use systems in our range.