Fences for Small Dogs

Electric Dog Fence for Small Dogs

On this Web Page you will find a selection of electric dog fencing systems that are suitable for small dogs.  Some of these dog containment systems are also suitable for larger dogs but rest assured they are appropriate for smaller dog breeds.

Please refer to the individual product page to confirm that the electric dog fence is suitable for your dog and your circumstances.  Some factors you should consider include:
  • age and weight of the dog
  • breed of the dog
  • existing fencing
  • motivations for escaping
If you have a particularly stubborn smaller dog or one that is very motivated to escape your property, consider systems that have adjustable settings.

If your dog is under 5kg we only recommend the PetSafe Little Dog Fence, due to the small collar size.


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4 Level Adjustable Static Correction Electric Dog Fence

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 


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Finally a Dog Fencing System for the smaller Dog!

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny