An escaping dog is one of the most traumatic problems for any dog owner.   The fears of your dog being run over by a vehicle or taken by another person are real possibilities Without secure boundary.

An electric dog fence is an inexpensive alternative to give you peace of mind!

Our Dog Containment Systems allow you to keep your pet safely in your property without being visually obtrusive to your surroundings.  That’s why they are often referred to as an invisible dog fence or a hidden dog fence!  Very easy to install and far more cost effective than re-fencing, our systems will deter dogs that climb, dig under or go through fences.  They are also effective if you have no fencing at all!

A dog containment system can also keep your dog out of gardens or pool areas as part of your containment plan! A Contain and Train model is also available that offers a remote dog training collar as well. Stop your dog escaping now!!

We stock a variety of electric dog fence systems to suit all dog types and temperaments.  We only recommend reliable trusted brands with warranties greater than 12 months to give you greater peace of mind, including: Innotek, SportDog and PetSafe.  

Please Note:  Whether these systems are referred to as a hidden fence for dogs, an in ground radio fence, an electric dog fence or a dog containment fence or system we are effectively talking about the same thing and they can be installed above ground by attaching to existing
fencing or buried in ground, the choice is yours.

The buying guides and articles below provide more information on how dog containment systems work and information on choosing the right system for your needs.  However, if in doubt, we recommend that you contact our team of experts to ensure you get the right dog containment system to suit your pet.

We also stock a range of quality dog enclosures and kennel runs if an electric containment system is not a viable option.  These dog enclosures are galvanised steel and made to last!