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Bark Control's Cooling Solutions for Your Dog

‚ÄčThis summer, prevent your dog from overheating with simple solutions. Energetic dogs and dogs with a thick coat of fur have an increased chance of overheating - but you can prevent this from happening.

  • Our durable and comfortable cooling vests feature large pockets containing freezer gel packs to keep your dog cool. Sizes available for medium to large dogs.
  • The pressure activated self-cooling mats help to cool your pet down in hot weather by using their body weight to activate the cooling effect.

Have a question regarding cooling mats or vests? We are happy to help. Please call us on 1300 668 931.

Dog Cooling Vest


Cooling Mat or Cooling Vest?

Cooling Mats and Cooling Vests are both effective in preventing your dog from overheating in warm weather. If you have an energetic dog, your best option would be a cooling vest, whereas if you have a lazier dog, a better option would be a cooling mat placed in a shady spot they like to rest. 

Cooling vests are available in 2 sizes: Medium and large
Cooling mats are available in 3 sizes: Small, large and extra large

HoundHouse Dog Den Kennel
HoundHouse Original Canvas Green

Be Aware

Signs and Symptoms of overheating include:

  • Elevated body temperature
  • Bright or dark red tongue and gums
  • Weakness/collapsing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Heavy panting

If your dog shows these symptoms, either attempt to cool your dog quickly, however if the signs seem extreme, take your dog to the vet immediately


Keep Your Dog Cool

Preventing your dog from overheating is simple and may save your dogs life. Ensure you provide multiple of the following: 

  • Provide fresh, clean water for your dog to access at anytime
  • Hose down your dog on particularly hot days
  • Adequate shade for rest
  • Cooling mat and/or cooling vest
  • If your dog requires exercise everyday, early mornings or late afternoons are ideal.


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