Dog Rocks - 100% Natural & Australian Mined!

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Dog Rocks' naturally mined rocks are placed in your dogs' water and filter impurities and provide your dog with naturally purified water that will help your grass grow rather than dry it out. Dog Rocks will help prevent future "burn patches" on your lawn.
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Dog Rocks - 100% Natural & Australian Mined

Dog Rocks are a 100% natural, Australian mined product that will protect your lawn from unsightly urine burn patches.  

Simply rinse one small bag of Dog Rocks and place in your dog's water bowl with a maximum volume of 2L of water.  After about 10 hours the Dog Rocks have activated and will begin filtering impurities such as nitrates, ammonia and tin out of the water. These impurities are generally passed out through the dog's urine and are the main cause for grass dying in areas where your dog prefers to go to the toilet.

Not only do Dog Rocks keep your lawn alive and looking great, they also give your dog a cleaner source of hydration and the dog's urine turns into a fertilizer rather than a poison for your lawn!

Handy Tips and Info:

  • Always rinse the rocks first
  • Top up your dog's water rather than emptying and refilling
  • Keep your dog's water bowl as full as possible at all times
  • Replace small bag of dog rocks every 2 months & every 6 months for a large bag
  • Dog Rocks cannot fix already burnt patches, though no new patches will appear
  • May not be as effective with dogs that have a very high protein diet or alternative drinking sources ie. pool, pond, fountain

Dog Rocks



Remove the Dog Rocks from packet and rinse thoroughly


Pour up to 2 Litres of water in your dog's water bowl.


Add the rinsed Dog Rocks to your dog's water bowl.



  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Australian
  • Destroys the nitrates found in water
  • Provides a cleaner source of hydration
  • Prevents burn patches on your lawn caused by your dog's urine
  • Laboratory tested
  • Safe for your pets!


What's in the Box

  • 1 x Pack of Dog Rocks (select pack size from drop down menu above)