Julius K9 IDC Powerharness with Siderings

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  • Fixed side rings
  • Allows you to secure your dog in the car
  • Heavy-duty side rings support multiple attachments
  • Made by INNOVA TEXT
  • Breathable & skin-friendly inner lining
  • Safety tested
  • The grip handle allows for lifting and extra control
  • All the same features of the IDC® Powerharness
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Julius K9 IDC Powerharness with Side Rings

With the same features as the Julius K9 IDC® Powerharness, the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness with Side Rings has additional attachment options with two side rings on either side of the harness. The side rings are fixed in place next to the labels allowing you to attach saddlebags, pull light items or secure your dog in a car. The heavy-duty side rings also support multiple dog lead attachments and are made by INNOVA TEXT which allows for great quality control of the materials of this harness.


  • x2 Side rings 
  • Allows for added attachments (side bags, seatbelt)
  • Breathable and skin-friendly inner lining
  • Strong fixing buckle for safety and added comfort
  • Safety tested
  • Grip handle for extra control and lifting capabilities

The Julius K9 IDC Powerharness with Side Rings allows you to secure your dog in a car just by attaching the Julius K9 Seatbelt Adapter to each side ring on both sides. To help prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness and distributing the force of braking and turning we recommend using the Julius K9 Pressure Distribution Chest Pad

Providing you with maximum control and maximum comfort for your dog, the harnesses' chest strap is parallel to the leash ring allowing the pullback you give to your dog to be felt in the most efficient and safe manner. The side rings also ensure that all wright is distributed evenly to the dog's chest and back.


Heavy-Duty Buckles

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Julius K9 Powerharness is made from high-quality European materials and features heavy-duty buckles that are tensile-tested up to 350kg. 

Perfect Ergonomics

The Powerharness chest strap is adjustable for the perfect fit and effectively distributes pressure across the strongest part of your dog's body

Breathable Inner Liner

The IDC Powerharness is made with an OEKO-Tex inner lining manufactured to the human clothing specifications allowing your dog's skin to breathe.

Reflective Strips

The harness features a reflective chest strap and reflective stitching to increase your pet's visibility to others during low light hours.

Sidebag Fixing Option

Julius K9 Sidebags let you enjoy a hands-free walk! The water-resistant side bags can be attached to your dog's harness or your belt loops! Click here to read more!

Removable Labels

Customise your dog's harness with our HUGE range of Julius K9 Labels! Choose from funky or working dog labels! Click here to read more!



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Sizing Chart


Size Chest Circumference Weight of the Dog
M/Size 0 58 - 76 cm / 23 - 30 inch 14 - 25kg / 31 - 55 lbs
L/Size 1 63 - 85 cm / 26 - 33.5 inch 23 - 30 kg / 50.5 - 66 lbs
XL/Size 2 71 - 96 cm / 28 - 37.5 inch 28 - 40 kg / 61.5 - 88 lbs
2XL/Size 3 82 -115 cm / 32.5 - 46.5 inch 40 - 70 kg / 88 - 154 lbs


Taking your Dog's Measurements Correctly

Place four fingers behind your dog's front legs and measure your dog's body circumference from that point.


Fitting the Harness on your Dog

It is important to ensure that the chest strap and lower strap are adjusted correctly. Improper fitting may cause discomfort or injury.

If the harness straps are too tight, the buckle rubs against the dog's skin around the armpit area, which may lead to chafing. If the harness straps are too loose, there may be enough room for your dog to shuffle out of the harness.

Correct Fitting

When the lower chest strap is adjusted correctly, you should be able to fit your fingers between the harness and your dog's back. A properly fitted harness will keep you in control, ensuring no unnecessary pressure is applied to other parts of your dog's body


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Things to Consider

This harness is not suitable for absorbing the forces caused by high-impact collision accidents or the inertia of the body. For this purpose use a special harness that surrounds the entire trunk of the dog.

Please Note - some differences exist between the range:

  • Dual torch holders on sizes 1-3
  • Left only torch holder on size 0
  • Only small harness labels are suitable for the IDC® Powerharness with Side Rings

Be careful when shopping online for Julius K9 harnesses. There are many imitations on the market and it's important to understand the difference between a real Julius K9 IDC Powerharness and a fake imitation made with cheap materials. Learn about the differences between real vs fake harnesses here.
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What's in the Box


  • 1 x Julius K9 IDC Powerharness with Siderings
  • 1 x Set (2) of JULIUS K9 Reflective Labels
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