Julius K9 Leather Muzzle - 17204

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Handmade heavy duty leather muzzle made with metal strengthening and quick release. Suitable for working dogs and protection training.

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Julius K9 Handmade Leather Muzzle with Metal Strengthening and Quick-Release - 17204


This handmade leather muzzle designed by Julius K9 is suitable for larger dogs undergoing protection training, bite work or service work. The muzzle is strengthened with metal screws and safety buckles. For your dog's comfort and safety, a neoprene liner has been sewn over the nose section and features a quick-release feature located on the side of the muzzle.

Measuring: To choose the perfect muzzle for your dog, you will need to measure your dog in the following areas: The circumference around the snout while the mouth is open (dog panting). The length and height of the nose. (Ensure you are measuring from the tip of the nose.) Add 1 cm to these numbers and you have the correct sizing measurements and most comfortable muzzle for your dog.


  • Highest quality muzzle in the Julius K9 range
  • Specifically designed for larger/stronger dog breeds
  • Manufactured for working dogs and intense training
  • Metal screws and buckles for strengthening
  • Neoprene liner over the nose for your dog's comfort
  • Quick-release feature on the neck
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Sizing Guide

If you have any questions about our muzzles and/or sizing, feel free to call us on 1300 668 931.

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Muzzle Dimensions

The Julius K9 Handmade Leather Muzzle has the following dimensions:

Circumference - 34cm

Length - 11cm

Height - 10cm

Your dog's snout measurements must fit within these muzzle dimensions. Use the measuring guide to determine your dog's snout length, width and height