Julius K9 Metal Dog Muzzle

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Fitting a muzzle on your dog gives you confidence and control over your dog in all situations. Available in sizes for small to large dog breeds. Basket design allows your dog to breathe and drink without obstruction.

Suitable for small, medium, large and stubborn dogs

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Julius K9 Metal Dog Muzzle

The Julius K9 Metal Muzzle is suitable for everyday use on small to large pet dogs and working dogs. Many people associate using a muzzle on dogs with aggressive behavior, however, a high-quality muzzle ensures you, and the people around you feel safe around your dog in public situations. Place the muzzle on your dog on transportation, during grooming, in public locations, meeting new dogs, on walks (if your dog chases wildlife), in new situations, and on working dogs.

The muzzle has soft leather straps - adjustable for the perfect fit, and is secured in place with metal buckles. Soft padding is on the bridge section of the nose for your dog's comfort. The open basket design allows your dog to drink, breathe and smell without interference. Available in various sizes for small to large dogs - please view the sizing chart below to determine which size is best for your dog.


  • Genuine Julius K9 dog muzzle
  • Available in sizes for small to large dogs
  • Suitable for pet dogs and working dogs
  • Padded nose bridge
  • Adjustable soft leather straps
  • Secured with metal buckles
  • Open basket design allows your dog to drink, breathe and smell without interference


Julius K9 Police Dog Muzzle Training


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Sizing Guide

Before selecting a muzzle, you will need to measure your dog's snout correctly. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the following.

Please note: You will need to measure your dog's snout while their mouth is open (panting). This will determine the most comfortable muzzle size. Encourage your dog to run around for 5-10 minutes before taking measurements. 

  • Nose Circumference - The circumference around the widest part your dog's snout
  • Nose Length - The distance from just in front of your dog's eyes to the tip of their nose
  • Nose Height - The distance from your dog's nose to the bottom of the mouth 
  • Add 1cm - Add 1cm to your dog's measurements and refer to the sizing guide below

Please note: Due to the nature of all dogs being various sizes, in more cases than not, muzzles will not be a perfect fit. You will simply need to select the muzzle size closest to your dog's measurements, and as long as your dog's snout fits within the muzzle, you can adjust the head straps accordingly for a comfortable fit.

Muzzle Sizing Chart

Muzzle Code Nose Circumference Nose Length Nose Height
190EM 15cm 6cm 5.5cm
19001 20cm 7cm 5cm
190JD 21cm 9cm 6cm
19000 26cm 10cm 7cm
190CM 28cm 11cm 5.5cm
190CD 30cm 12cm 7cm
19005 30.5cm 10cm 7cm
19007 37cm 13cm 10cm
190B2 40cm 9cm 11cm
190DO 49cm 15cm 11cm


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Things to Consider

  • Please measure your dog correctly using the guidelines above before purchasing a dog muzzle
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