Keeping outdoor dogs in

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:12 April 2018 

There can be a lot of temptations for dogs who live outdoors to want to explore the world beyond their yard. The noise of the passing traffic, the neighbouring dogs and all of the other excitement can make dogs feel like there’s more they need to explore.

This presents a challenge as we need to keep our dogs contained for their safety and our peace of mind – but how do we do it? Secure fencing around the yard can help to keep our dogs safe and secure – but not every home can have six-foot fences as they are rentals or there are specific council requirements.

If this is the case, an electric fence or containment system might be the solution you’re looking for. The SportDog Stubborn Dog Fence is best suited to keeping larger stubborn breeds safe and secure on properties from 1/2 an acre to 100 acres.  

The system represents great value as it comes with 300m of wire, unlike all other systems that come with 150m as standard.  The waterproof SDF-R Collar Receiver is made tough, with a buckle up vinyl strap and uses a replaceable 9v battery that will last for 3-6 months with average use.  

The SportDog Stubborn Dog Fence is perfect for any dog over 15kg and works by transmitting a radio signal to a SDF-R recieveer collar that is worn by the dog. The dog receives a warning tone as it approaches the no go zone and if it continues to move towards the boundary it will receive the harmless static correction.

This month only you can get 50 per cent off additional receiver collars when you purchase the SportFDog SDF-100A Containment Fence.

The system is easy to set up and will keep your dog safely in your yard all day and night.