SAVE 20% OFF RRP - SD-425E Remote Training Collar!

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:17 August 2019 

The SportDOG SD-425E is one of our best selling remote trainers and now, for a limited time only, you can purchase the SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425E for only $295.99! (Don't pay $332.99!).

SportDOG SD-425E Remote Trainer

The SportDOG SD-425E is one of our best selling remote trainers and now, for a limited time only, you can purchase the SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425E for only $295.99! (Don't pay $332.99!). Its durable design is built to withstand demanding working conditions but is also great for obedience training, and training your dog out of nuisance behaviours.

It really is the perfect short-range communication tool for dogs above 5kg. Whether you've got a single-dog situation or a multiple-dog situation, the SD-425E remote trainer has the signal range and correction strength to correct disobedient behaviours and reinforce training commands.


Nuisance Behaviours

If your dog pulls on the lead, digs up the yard, jumps up on people, chases animals, has destructive chewing habits, or chases animals, use the SD-425E.


Working Environments

If you need a remote trainer for short-range field-work, framing, herding, hunting, security dogs, k9-training, or tracking, use the SD-425E.


Competition Dogs

If you're training your dog for a competition, use the SD-425E.



Features of the SportDOG SD-425E:

  • 450m Range
  • Expandable up to 3 dogs
  • Fits dogs above 5kg
  • 7 Levels of low stimulation
  • 7 Levels of medium stimulation
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Designed for demanding working conditions
  • Great for pet obedience training and working dogs
  • Easy to use


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The SportDOG SD-425E Remote Trainer has exceptional reviews from our customers:


Great Service & Advice

"We have been using the SportDog SD425E for a couple of weeks and its helped our stubborn German Sheppard. He was constantly jumping up and pawing our Glass Slider for attention. This problem has ceased and the correction has made him really consider whether to do it again or not. We are on the next phase of teaching him to recall with the collar."

- Loni V.


The Field Trainer has Proved

"The Field Trainer has proved to be very effective in getting my young Kelpie's attention when he gets over excited around cattle. I can call him off and get him to sit from over 100m"

- Adrian C.


Awesome Product Backed by Great Service

"Had very quick results with the trainer... as quick as 4 days and constant progress being made daily. I was initially going to buy another kind but after having a chat with the team at Bark Control settled on this one which suits my needs down to a tee. Training a Shepherd has never been easier. Thank you Bark Control team."

- Kevin D.



"The e-collar has really helped me with recall and problems with stubborn behaviour 10/10."

- Michael P.


Much Needed Tool

"Love this device, finally allowing me to fine tune my dog's training, excellent product, well worth the money."

- Daniel M.


Sport Dog Collar

"Fantastic company to deal with and the product is absoultly perfect, my dog loves ot swim and i can confidently allow him to do that without removing the collar. Such a quick effective way to correct bad behaviour (like chasing kangaroos on runs) to keep your pet safe and enforce your rules :) great quality!"

- Megan B.



Promotion Info:

The SportDOG SD-425E is on sale for only $295.99 (20% off RRP - Save $74) strictly until the 31st of August 2019 11:59pm AEST. If you have any questions in regards to any of our products or promotions, feel free to call us on 1300 668 931.


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