PetSafe Deluxe Adjustable Contain N Remote Combo for Small to Med Dogs

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  • Safely contains pets within the boundary area
  • Trains pets out of nuisance behaviour
  • Easy-to-use remote trainer
  • Easy D.I.Y fence installation
  • Suitable for small to medium pet breeds

Suitable for small and medium dogs

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PetSafe Deluxe Adjustable Fence & Remote Training System for Pet Dogs

The Petsafe Adjustable Containment System and the Petsafe Little Dog Remote Trainer are a great combination for containing your dog as well as having a remote trainer for behaviour training.

The PetSafe Deluxe Adjustable Fence - PIG19-15394

The PetSafe Deluxe fence is an easy to install, humane option for containing the more determined canine escapees. It is very similar in function to the PetSafe Standard Dog Fence with an upgraded Deluxe Adjustable Receiver Collar.  The Deluxe Adjustable Fence offers a collar that has 4 adjustable static correction levels and a warning only mode for training.  This allows you to adjust the correction level to match your dog's temperament and caters to the more determined pet dogs or dogs that are on a property with unsecure fencing.

After setting up your fence you will train your dog to understand the new boundary of the yard and how they must react when they receive a warning or correction.  If the dogs approach and enter the boundary field they will receive a warning beep from the collar, if they progress past this point the dogs will receive a quick static correction from the collar.  If the dogs enters the field and doesn't immediately remove itself, the collar will automatically start to rise through the correction levels until the dog exits the field.The new PUL-275 is an ultralight, waterproof collar which fits dogs from 5kgs upwards and uses the same RFA-67 batteries as the standard fence collar.

PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13471

The new and improved PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer has retained it's original compact, waterproof collar receiver and is suitable for small dogs from 3.5kgs upwards. Sharpen responses to training commands, correcting unwanted behaviours and teaching reliable recall from up to 100m. A versatile, value for money, training tool suited to work in yards, parks and whenever long range is not needed.  This collar is suited to pet use only and not recommended for working dogs.


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Petsafe Deluxe Adjustable Fence - PIG19-16413

  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Reliable, Safe and Humane
  • Waterproof Receiver with Adjustable Correction Levels
  • Suitable for Dogs from 5kg
  • Break Alarm to Notify of Line Breaks
  • Adjustable Boundary Width
  • Controls up to 10 Acres with Extra Boundary Kits
  • Add Unlimited Dogs with Extra Containment Collar


Petsafe Little Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13471

  • Instantly choose from 10 correction (stim) levels and/or tone
  • Control buttons can be tapped for momentary stim or tone
  • Weather-resistant transmitter
  • Small, lightweight, waterproof (when battery cover is securely in place) receiver with on/off switch and low battery indicator
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3 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 3 Year Australian Warranty

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