Remote Training Collars - A Common Enquiry

Remote dog training collars are by far the most common inquiry we receive here at K9 Control. It is also one of the most common reasons why people will call us after receiving their remote trainer, and realising it doesn’t quite do what they were hoping for.

A dog training system is about more than fitting a collar onto your dog and pressing a button on the remote. So, with this in mind, we have put together this information to assist you in the selection of your next remote dog collar.

Things to Consider - General Training vs Working Environments

Prior to placing your order for a new dog training collar with K9 Control, please consider some of the following information to help you select the best option for you. What the average farmer or pig hunter requires is going to be very different to the requirements or a pet owner or trial dog.

Read through the points below and consider what is going to work in best with your requirements.


In terms of a remote dog trainer, this factor is of high importance. The range refers to the maximum operational distance between the remote (transmitter) and the collar (receiver).

The best advice we can give is to take what you believe the longest range you will need, and then double it. This may seem a little extreme however, it is always best to have more range than you will ever need. The reason for this is because if there's vegetation or anything physically substantial between you and your dog, you can lose up to half your range.

Just keep this in mind if you need a remote training collar for working/tracking/farming conditions. If your dog is digging up the front garden, or you only need to teach your dog not to pull on the lead, you won’t require a dog e-collar with a 1.5km range! A short-range remote training collar will work perfectly fine.

Performance dog wearing remote training collar

Correction Settings

The majority of dog training collars give you the ability to adjust the levels of correction on the run. This allows you to choose the right level of correction to suit the situation. This ability to adjust the corrections allows you to encourage certain behaviours, whilst discouraging those unwanted behaviours. Most of the reliable remote training collars will offer a continuous button and a nick/momentary button.

The continuous button is for encouraging the right behaviour when certain commands are given. The nick button is to quickly address unwanted behaviour, especially in high distraction situations. This allows you to effectively have double the amount of correction thanks to these 2 buttons.


While on the subject of correction levels, please be very wary of the cheap (usually overseas) models of dog training collars that do flood the market occasionally. Having spoken to many people who have purchased these cheaper and inferior remote dog trainers, and from trials I have witnessed, these training collars can often have erratic and unreliable levels of correction. This only serves to confuse your dog and prevent any real progress being made in terms of training with your dog.

You will also find that the warranties offered on such products, when compared to quality dog training collars, showing that reputable brands do come into consideration when selecting your remote dog trainer. If you are unsure of one of the remote collars you are considering, call one of our experienced staff and receive expert advice – especially if the collar seems to good to be true.

Working dog wearing SportDOG Remote Training Collar


When out in the field with working dogs like Huntaways, it stands to reason that your dog training collar may be in for some rough treatment, thanks to the demands faced by working dogs as well as factors like the weather and terrain. If this sounds like you, make sure you look at our SportDOG and Dogtra range of remote training collars.

If you see a remote dog trainer that features an LCD screen on the remote, this could be a problem when out with your working dogs, you are best to avoid those type of remotes. This factor shouldn’t really apply to pet owners, unless of course you are a little rough with your dog training system.

Hunting dog wearing remote trainer

Multiple Dog Remote Trainers

Quality dog training collars will offer the option to have more than one dog training collar connected to the single remote. There are options to purchase remote training collars with 2 or more collars outright. Alternatively, there are models which allow you to buy and add collars as you need them.

By going with a multiple dog remote trainer, you can be more proactive with your working dogs as everything is on the one remote. If you are upgrading to a multiple dog training collars setup, initially it may seem a little tricky at first, but the benefits are well worth it.

Dog owners walking dogs wearing remote training collars

Waterproof Remote Trainers

Another important consideration with your new dog training collar is to go with weather-resistant or waterproof systems. Without any hesitation, if you have working dogs don’t give it any more thought, you are best to only consider a waterproof remote dog training collar.

Some of the real quality systems will have waterproof remotes as well. If you are a pet owner, this is probably something to be weighed up more. However, if your dog is known for finding and playing in water, especially if there is the chance that the collar will be partially or fully submerged, waterproof collars really need to be considered.

Dog swimming wearing a remote training collar

Rechargeable or Battery Powered

In terms of dog training collars, this is not as important factor as some of those mentioned above. However, you should still give this due consideration as a rechargeable remote training collar adds convenience and has no on-going costs associated. Top of the range models will offer both rechargeable collars and remotes.

To Sum it all Up

The points listed above are some of the main components that you should compare to ensure that you do not end up with a system that isn’t suitable for your requirements.

There are a number of other factors that you may wish to consider, including tone or vibration buttons, this should be readily available information when looking at the remote training collars you are comparing. Make a list of your requirements and then look at our Dog Training Collar Comparison charts on our website to assist you with this.

If certain features of a more expensive dog training collar appeal to you, definitely consider buying it as you are more likely to end up with a more reliable and quality product that will give you more options than you are currently looking for at present.

In closing, don’t buy something simply based on the fact that it may be a little cheaper than the dog training collar that suits your requirements better. Though you are saving a few bucks to begin with, chances are that it will end up costing you more in the long run, or simply gather dust in some draw. Choose wisely based on your requirements. Should you need any further questions, please feel free to contact our staff for some more advice.