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16 Apr 2024

Next month we are looking at Pet Travel, including legislation about pets in vehicles. We recently published some information on our Facebook Page about this and the feedback was huge.

We recently worked with Bupa in regards to caring for our pets, including pet travel. Here is the article that resulted from this, and a great intro to next month;

Plan a Hike with Your Dog

Honestly, is there a better hiking companion than your tail-wagging best friend? No one listens better, no one is more enthusiastic about dinner (no matter what you serve) - and no one else can win you over with those cute puppy eyes. So, if you want to have a great time getting out this weekend, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying a change of scenery, then you already know who you’re taking with you!

Have Everything You Need in One Convenient Pack

However, heading out with your dog, whether you’re heading up the road or overseas, requires some extra planning. We are proud to announce our inclusion in the article by Bupa Pet Insurance on the importance of having a doggy kit packed and ready to go whenever you are!

In the article, 'The Ultimate Kit for Travelling with a Dog', Bupa nominated our ‘pre-designed kit for adventuresome dog owners’. It includes an ergonomic IDC Powerharness, the K9 Cruiser Anti-Spill Water Bowl and either a Heavy Duty Ute Lead or Car Safety Seatbelt Adaptor for car trips, so you have all the flexibility you need to get out and about with your four-legged friend. 

Get Some Exercise and Fresh Air

Sure, it’s tempting to stay home, run a few errands and maybe even take a nap on the weekend, but then you’d miss out on all the amazing adventures you can have with your best friend! Even if you just get out to the trails for an hour or two, you and your dog will get a great workout. Set up a sunrise hike, bring your coffee in a mug and start your weekend off trekking through some greenery with your loyal companion. What could be more invigorating?

De-Stress with Your Pet

Going out with your dog is also a great way to relax, unwind and appreciate the simple things in life. Let your pet’s light-hearted energy uplift your mood. They help you experience the world beyond your weekday routine as they eagerly run alongside you.

Get Inspired

Outdoor adventures are inspiring. Use the weekend to recharge – that’s what they are there for! Hiking with your dog is an excellent way to reconnect with nature and to boost your motivation. Don’t worry, if you and your pet tire yourself out, you can still go home and fit in a cosy Saturday afternoon nap!

Before you go, make sure you have your pup travel pack ready to go so you and your dog can enjoy safe, comfortable and happy trails. Bring your doggie treats and a few snacks for yourself, plenty of water, and the right gear for your outing. As longstanding suppliers of canine essentials for Australia’s dog lovers, we’ve got everything you need, no matter where your adventures take you!