What to Expect From Your Bark Collar

Obviously, the desired outcome we are striving for is to either stop the dog barking or reduce it to an acceptable level for you (or your neighbours!). However, like treating a human, we may not get the success we are looking for straight away. We speak to many people who have tried several methods to stop their dogs barking before they find the method that works. We can assure you that if you get the right bark collar for your dog's situation and the deterrent is stronger than the drive to bark, it will work.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Assuming you have selected the right collar and fitted it to your dog properly, most people see results very quickly. Now, I am not talking a few days or even several hours in many cases. For many, the results are visible from the first few barks. Your success will be fast because your dog is smart! Even if you think he is stupid and barking at nothing. Some people report a day or two where their dog may sulk a little from not being able to bark. From there a lot of people report a great increase in the dogs' overall calmness and they become more enjoyable to be around. This occurs because the stressful situations that cause the barking in the first place are often avoided by the dog when the bark collar is on keeping them in a calmer state. Simply put, your dog will stop looking to go terrorize the postman each day!

How Long Will I Need To Use the Bark Collar?

This is a very common question and unfortunately not an easy one to answer. We suggest 2-3 months of consistent bark collar application during the times where the dog most exhibits unwanted barking. Then try a period of not wearing the collar. If your dog still does not bark, then great! He/she has learned a new pattern of behaviour that avoids the motivations for the barking previously. If the barking continues, you may have a life long collar wearer on your hands. However, most people report significant reductions in the amount their dog barks after consistent use of the barking collar.