SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System With Hunter Protector Pack - TEK-V2L

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The SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System is the new market leader when it comes to range, reliability and accuracy!
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SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Dog Tracking System


The new SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System is the market leader when it comes to range, reliability and accuracy.   The TEK 2.0 has the ability to track 21 dogs over distances of up to 16km using HopTek technology and the new 2.0 handheld transceiver is preloaded with 1:120,000 zoom topographic maps.

The new tracking collar design makes the TEK 2.0 much more suitable for the pig hunting conditions of Australia than any other system.  New antenna design and placement keeps it out of the way of tusks or teeth so you aren’t replacing antennas every hunt and the new pig hunting protector pack for the TEK 2.0 will keep all of the electronics safe without affecting performance and signal range.  You can now easily change the 1” collar strap and add additional lengths or longer straps to cater for dogs wearing armour.

Your dogs can swim all day while wearing the SportDOG TEK 2.0 tracking collar. Both the handheld transceiver and the collar transmitter are constructed with DryTek technology which allows the collar to be submerged up to 7.5m and the handheld up to 1.5m.  Battery life has also been improved with the SportDOG TEK 2.0.  The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries require a 4 hour charge from empty to full and the collar will run for 24 hours at a 3 second update rate.  

**Please note: SportDOG TEK 2.0 collars used for pig hunting must have a pig hunting protector pack fitted to ensure 3 year manufacturers warranty remains valid.

Handheld Transceiver:
The handheld transceiver has been given a fresh new home screen navigation design which improves ease of use and performance.  The TEK 2.0 also offers a topographic mapped tracking screen which can track up to 21 dogs while showing direction, distance, speed and can even track your mates who are out hunting with you.   The added voice feature is a nice touch which will tell you, for example, ‘Dog 1 is on point, 80 metres in front of you, Dog 2 is to your left moving at 20km/h’.  You can set different update rates for your dogs and also use the voice feature to let you know where your mates are.

The trip computer keeps track of your waypoints and any trails you have recorded on your way while the new Geofence feature allows you to set a GPS boundary so you are alerted if your dogs are starting to head out of bounds. 

Bark Control’s pig hunting protector pack will make sure your tracking gear is protected even in the harshest hunting conditions.  The pig hunting protector pack is a necessity for any hunting applications to ensure that your 3 year warranty remains valid. To view the steps of attaching the Hunting Protector Pack to the Sportdog Tek 2.0 Collar Click Here.

All in all, the SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System is the most advanced GPS tracking system on the market and is a must have for all keen trackers and hunters.   

GPS Tracking System Comparison Chart


 SportDog TEK 1.0 

Garmin Alpha 

SportDog TEK 2.0  

Australian Topo Maps 
Unlimited Map Updates
Number Of Dogs 12 Dogs 20 Dogs 21 Dogs
Range Up to 11km Up To 7km Up To 16km
Geofence Boundary System
Voice Alert Feature
Optional Remote Trainer Module  
Warranty 3 Years 1 Year 3 Years

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More Information
  • 16km maximum range
  • Track up to 21 dogs or other hunters
  • Rapid 4-hour charge batteries
  • 24 hour collar run time
  • Waterproof, submerisible
  • Topographic maps with 1:120,000 zoom in Aus
  • Unlimited FREE map updates
  • Trip computer
  • Voice alerts
  • HopTEK signal - superior range performance