Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials - Things to consider

Summer in Australia can take quite a toll on us and our dogs if we're not prepared for it. Here at Bark Control we offer a great range of high quality products that will keep your dog hydrated, healthy and happy during the warmer months of the year.

  • Our Drinkwell Fountain range is designed to keep your dog hydrated with pure, fresh water.  
  • Keep your energetic or thick coated dog cool with an innovative cooling vest and/or cooling mat.
  • Prevent your dog from unwanted fleas, ticks and worms with our wide range of effective products.


Our Summer Products 

Stylish Pagoda Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain

Drinkwell Fountains

Drinkwell fountains provide your pet 24/7 access to fresh running water - with style. The sophisticated fountains are available in various designs (listed below) and are made with high quality materials including ceramic and stainless steel. Each day, your pet needs 70mL of water per kilogram of body weight to stay efficiently hydrated. Give your pet the hydration and pure water they need and deserve with an advanced water fountain that looks great in your home!

Stainless Steel 360 Fountain
Cooling Vest

Cooling Vests and Cooling Mats

Cooling Vest: My M8s Cooling Vest is designed to keep your dog cool on the go in warmer weather. The vest comes with 4 gel packs which are designed to be placed in the freezer before use, then slid into the vest pockets to keep your dog cool and prevent their body temperature from being too high. Available in medium and large. Perfect for thick coated dogs.

Cooling Mat: My M8s Cooling Mat has an innovative design to keep your dog cool without the need of electricity or freezing. The mat is designed with a layer of gel that disperses heat from your dog's body. Made with tough materials, you can place the cooling mat indoors, outdoors, on cement, grass or any other surface you choose. Available in 3 sizes: Small, large and extra large.


Cooling Mat  
K9 Cruiser Bowl

K9 Cruiser Bowls

K9 Cruiser Bowls are perfect for travelling with your K9 friend! Suitable for the car, Ute or caravan, K9 Cruiser Bowls are designed to hold up to 2.5 Litres of water without spilling during travel. The bowls are made with UV resistant, 100% non-toxic, food grade plastic and are available in 2 colours - green and blue. 

Ensure your dog stays is hydrated at home and on the road with a K9 Cruiser anti-spill water bowl.

HoundHouse Dog Den Kennel
Nexguard Flea and Tick

Flea, Tick and Worming Products

Protect your dogs from fleas, ticks and worms this summer with our wide range of products for your pet. Fleas, ticks and worms have a dramatic effect on your dog if not prevented or treated quickly. These parasites can leave your dog in immense pain and may even lead to death.

Protect your dog and get your peace of mind today with our chewable tablets, liquid applications, flea and tick collars and easy tick removers. 

Advocate flea and tick treatment
Vibration Snake Repellent

Snake Repellers

Prevent snakes from entering your yard with our vibrating solar snake repellers - designed to keep you and your pets safe from dangerous snakes throughout the year and particularly the warmer months. Protecting you and your dog is a much better option than heal a potentially life threatening bite. The device sends a vibration of up to a 15 metre radius and works best with multiple snake repellers to cover larger areas. 

Vibration Snake Repeller

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